February 28, 2006

London revisited

label: supergirl — CV @ 1:53 AM

It is chaos of thoughts in my head. Memories and questions. I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m lost and found, I ache for smth …

I’m thankful to Helen for keeping me busy and grounded. Otherwise it would have been too much for me. So this time it was different. Totally. I love to be a guide like, to plan tours and “must see” things. Especially in London, the town I feel most at home in the world. So we did all the tours and “must see” places. I’ve never been a tourist in London and it was fun – once.

But now I know I must go back. Alone. There are some untied things to tie, some thoughts to think through, some unfinished businesses to finish and some decisions to make. When this chaotic period in my life will come to an end, I know I will find myself again and I would love to do this there. Some things are too closely linked to London. I need to get free of those. To find my peace of mind again.

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