February 29, 2008

another morning

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Sun rises earlier and earlier every day. By now, I’m coming to work at sunrise. All those colours to enjoy! The only shade missing is the bluish white of snow.

Even when I wake up, I don’t have to switch on the light right away. There is enough light to move around. It still doesn’t mean that I can get up and out of the bed. Especially when I’m held the way I am … I can’t even comprehend the fact that today was my last morning like that …

February 28, 2008

till soon

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Days are busy. Now they are busy, but soon they will be long and lonely again. I will write then. At that time, when I only have myself to share my thoughts with. Then I will write again too much as I need the therapy against loneliness and longing.

Till soon …


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There has been something really wrong with this winter, but it is not what I wanted to write about. More important thing is, that it is SNOWING! Somehow snow makes me happy …

If I get extremely lucky today, then I go to snowboard and for the first time – not alone!

February 27, 2008

dinner (kind of)

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Have I told everyone in my life that I don’t cook? Yes, I have.

Do I know myself that I can’t cook? Yes, I do.

Why the hell did I feel the need to cook today? Mysterious!

Yeah, I spoiled the dinner today. I just had to step up and tell Philip that I will do the chicken. I even fought for the chance to prepare it. Why the hell did I do that? And why didn’t Philip know better?

He was polite. He really was by telling me that the chicken is good and everything, but, hei!, I ate the same food as him, so I do know that the chicken tasted like I was about to poison him with pepper. Keep pepper out of my reach if you see me in kitchen with meat. Even now, few hours later, he still continues to assure me that he likes pepper. Hmmm … I have trouble believing him as it is unhuman to like pepper so much.

another spark

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“Wow not only is that perfect English but pretty profound too…..!”

I feel so good! That compliment came from a person who had his laughs about my Neil Young pronunciation and much more. The same individual who taught me the difference between “w” and “v” with “very well”. My first brit friend.

defined by

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We have a saying in estonian (I don’t know about other languages) that “Show me your friends and I tell you who you are.”. I truly wonder who am I or how do I look like in the light of my friends?

Lately I have been “showing off” my friends and I had a chance to look at my friends with new perspective. If my friends would be the ones to define me, then I can’t even picture myself to fit into the formula. Most of my (girl)friends are down to earth, settled down, decent, orderly … I mean they are the good girls. All of them. They have the whole package – home, man, children. Everything I don’t have or am not. I mostly feel opposite to them – rebel, lightheaded, restless, bad etc … Still we come together on a common ground – friendship. I love them all dearly and I feel loved by them.

How do they define me?

Maybe deep down inside I want to be a good girl and this is the reflection of this desire …

February 25, 2008

another morning

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Being back at work is not so nice. I want to sleep! Getting up this morning was no fun either. Philip decided that he doesn’t like my alarm sound and switched it off … before I heard it! So it came to be that I was 15 minutes late.

Central heating at the office is broken again and it is cold like it has been every monday for past few weeks. Who wants to work like that? I will better go for coffee …


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Aatomik wrote not so long ago about “internet as a human right”. I do agree with him. Internet should be granted. Especially in airports, train stations, hotels etc. At least in Estonian hotels have thought about it. When I entered our hotel room in Tallinn I was nicely surprised. Not only internet for free, but also a computer to use, if you don’t have your own with you.

another test

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You Are Cilantro*

The bad news is that there are some people who can’t stand you.
The good news is that most people love you more than anything else in the world.
You are distinct, unusual, fresh, and very controversial. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Found at Murueit‘s blog.

* Also known as coriander.


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Pilleriin threw me a ball. Who am I to refuse? So here we go.

Rules are simple. Take the closest book and write first and the last and the golden sentence (open the book in the middle and the sentence under your left thumb) to blog. Of course write the author and the title of the book too and throw the blogball forward to 2 bloggers.

First: “Here is a book of visions and miracles – eleven rich, robust new stories by the best known and most accomplished modern creators of fantasy fiction, each one set in the special universe of the imagination that made that writer famous throughout the world.”

Last: “He had earned that much, at least.”

Golden:”But she thought with love of the roads and fields of Way.”

“Legends” edited by Robert Silverberg.

Blogball goes to minx and sinisilm.

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