May 31, 2009

bad day and night

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Coming back from Gryttjom … Damn!

I hate jealousy. I really do. So many things can go wrong really fast just because of that with no real reason. So I saw some sides of my special somebody that I never want to see again. I never understand what is wrong with men. What is the point of being jealous? It never helps for anything! Brrh.

So I only got some 3-3,5 hours of sleep before we arrived to Turku and a lot of action on the highest levels of stupidity. There is no point of trying to talk to drunk people. Only thing you can do is to try to keep them calm. I hate that part. It means a lot of control of your own emotions and I am not so good at that. Grrh!

I started my AFF Instructor course in a bad mood and really, really tired. Lucky for me I got it easy yesterday. I laid low, performed well enough and had to only do 2 practice jumps and I was off the hook. By the end of the evening we sorted it out, but … it was bad day and night.

another moment

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I was listening to Joey Jones’s coaching and suddenly he finally made sense to me.

My experience/skill level is high enough by now to understand what the hell he is talking about.

May 28, 2009

GBC’09 vol 3

label: tickled pink — CV @ 1:54 PM

16 jumps done so far. Whadever rocks! Tuuker has some hair bleaching ahead for her.

Today has been raining since morning and I am feeling ill. Caught some cold tuesday when the temperature dropped rapidly in the evening and yesterdays windy conditions didn’t help either.

I’m starting to have a feeling for the tail exits. It is not such a mystery any more. Monday last few jumps were the ones where I finally started to actually understand what I am supposed to do there and how to get myself where I need to go and be.

Amount of notes I’ve taken this camp is doubled compared to previous years.

May 25, 2009

GBC’09 vol 2

label: tickled pink — CV @ 8:02 PM

* 8 jumps – done
* fucked up a block – done
* fucked up an exit – done
* jumped a rockstar exit – done
* managed to keep my mouth shut – done

As you can see it is going surprisingly good for a Basic Camp.

May 24, 2009

GBC’09* vol 1

label: tickled pink — CV @ 8:18 PM

I feel safe. I feel calm. I feel like home. The one DZ that makes me feel at home.

Here we go again. How will this Basic Camp go? I have it different every year. It is never easy, but by now I don’t even expect it to be.

* Gryttjom Basic Camp

May 21, 2009

another question

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How the hell I am supposed to fall asleep, when birds are screaming behind my window?

May 20, 2009

another morning

label: tickled pink — CV @ 8:45 AM

How many times one has to make a mistake to learn from it? Seems like I’m not capable of learning and every morning I growl at myself for that.

My bedroom window has blinds. They are there for a reason! … and yet, every evening I forget to close them and every morning I wake up around 6 am (by now) because sun is shining into my bed. It is hot, too bright and … not nice at all. Especially when you went to sleep around 2 am like I did last night.

As far as Murphy goes – of course sun shines in the bright blue sky in early morning and clouds arrive by the time you have to go out.

May 18, 2009


label: tickled pink — CV @ 9:38 PM

I really have to be unlucky. How else would I explain the resin that landed in my hair? I was jogging and suddenly something sticky and wet landed in my hair.

I am not happy, not happy at all. How do you get that stuff out of your hair? I don’t want to go for extreme measures and look like a hedgehog for the rest of the summer.

another sky venture

label: tickled pink — CV @ 1:49 PM

I am happy and proud about my AFF instructor training jumps from this weekend. Damn they were good! Yesterday coming from the last jump I felt like bouncing and yelling. Till now I was pretty sure I am wasting my money for the AFF instructor course. Now at least I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that I can manage and it isn’t so scary any more (except for the part when I had to ride through opening for Teemu who is jumping a Velocity).

AFF instructor training jumps go low. Really. Scary low. That is definitely a part that I don’t like about those training jumps. They say that when jumping with real students and real AFF those jumps never go that low.

I also managed to land out. I’ve been wondering when that will happen. Now it is done. I did panic for a second when I saw a swamp underneath me. Swamps are found in north of Hanko DZ where are no alternative landing areas. There is only one small swamp south and for a split second I was scared that I am at north. Anyway – I had a nice soft landing at some field near road and there were no consequences except for the lost handle dummy that had been around for thousand jumps already.

May 15, 2009

another realization

label: tickled pink — CV @ 3:29 PM

I haven’t eaten regularly/normally for some time. Today my first meal happened to be around 4 pm. It made me sick. Feels like my stomach resents food.

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