July 26, 2009

another question

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Why is it that optimism and cheerfulness is considered as a bad characteristic?


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I don’t feel like going into cinemas any more. Not at least in Finland or Sweden. Filthy!!! Unbelievably filthy. The floor is covered with popcorn. Öäk! One thing is that people don’t behave, but totally other thing is that screening rooms are not even swept between showings. Disgusting!

July 25, 2009

in Sweden … again

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What is it that makes some places so familiar? I turned towards Uppsala’s center and suddenly realized that I don’t feel like a stranger. I know the way this city feels. I find my way to my usual places without thinking. There are so many places in the world, that have the same vibe for me.

I am starting to grow tired of skydive travels. I long for wondering the world my way. It is a dispute inside and skydiving is loosing. There are so many places I yet want to familiarize myself with! It is not only the skydiving travels. It is skydiving itself that has lost a good feeling. This year has taken joy out of it. I am totally out of place and as insecure as one can be because of it. It just doesn’t seem to work despite me trying. This year’s skydiving has definitely been a good laugh at God’s part.

That urge to go and not to stay is still unsettling. Am I afraid? Am I on the run? Or am I just restless by nature? Will my special somebody accept my restlessness? Will he manage to tie me down to a place and … family? Those questions keep circling my mind. Pretty usual thing for anyone standing before a fork in the road.

I know one thing for certain – I can’t continue this life I have right now or this stress will seriously damage me.

I am in Sweden … again. I really hope for good weather as I long for the sky. I am here, I have a gear to jump and a team that is wonderful, when it gets in the air. I know I will not get my good feeling about skydiving back even with the best weather during this week, but it would be so much easier to live this week with a good weather.

July 21, 2009

another quote

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Man plans, God laughs.

Yiddish proverb.


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So, I got my papers. I can go and jump with students. I am officially an AFF instructor in Finland now. Yesh!

*NHM – novahyppymestari aka AFF instructor

July 20, 2009

2 years

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Seeing this post made me suddenly realize that it was 2 years for me too on friday.


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It would have been easier to read the manual than suffer the first jump with full face helmet. Lens was supposed to be rinsed with water before jumping to rinse off some kind of protective stuff on it. I failed to do so as I didn’t pay enough attention to manual.

I was a total blind chicken on my first jump with Factory Diver. Everything was in white fog. All the way from take-off to landing.

* Read The F***ing Manual

July 16, 2009


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If anything can go wrong – it will. I got my Javelin today. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Small and tight and the best of it all – it is my size! Fits just perfectly.

But, as I said (about things going wrong), I am still without gear. Reserve that arrived with my harness was not PD Optimum 126. Instead there was a white canopy that seemed to be too big. PDR176 is huge! I tell you that from an experience of seeing it.

I don’t even want to think about all the hassle that will be now with customs and …

If anything can go wrong – it will. Today was a proof of it. All kind of things went wrong. Right from the beginning of this day. Cheers to that!


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I am such a softie! Hihihii. I still can’t stop laughing at that characterization. Prof. is right about it, no doubt, but it just makes me laugh :)

July 15, 2009

another realization

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I have been wondering and pondering and fearing to make radical turns in my life. I’ve been thinking and feeling that maybe I am too old already to do that. Hmmm. My (a lot) older brother surprised me with the same kind and even more radical thoughts yesterday. Now I start realizing that it is never too late in life as long as you live or something like that.

I still have other things to settle on my mind …

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