September 30, 2009

another realization

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People should travel more.

One trip and I am reminded how big and divergent world is.

September 29, 2009

JFTC vol 5

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Got home. Feels surreal and unreal. All that trip, all 28 hours of it is one blur of sleep, shadows and light, thoughts and feelings and views.

Landing in Zürich this morning was just amazing. Morning mist between green hills and snowy mountain peaks in a distance coloured in sunrise. Beautiful.

Helsinki greeted me with +6 degrees and icy rain. Lovely! It feels good to be home.

Now it takes a bit time to settle all the emotions and write a reminiscence.

September 27, 2009

JFTC vol 4

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UPDATE: I changed the video.


I am a world record holder :) Second jump on Saturday, September 26th we built a new women world record of 181-way.

This was the vibe after the announcement. It is impossible to describe. Feeling. Pure joy.

That record came hard. Really hard for me. I am not cut out for Californian desert. There were jumps when there was blood dripping from my nose before the exit and in freefall. I haven’t had voice for 3-4 days as it feels like someone is scratching my throat with a sandpaper. I really think I have found my personal hell on earth. There were moments when I seriously asked myself “why I am here?”.

The moment they announced the success of a record – it all disappeared.

Party time!

September 24, 2009

JFTC vol 3

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Just a quick update.

Jumping again starting today (it is still wednesday here). My nose still only bleeds. My jumpsuit has a hole in it. Yes, at my backside. Funny thou as I have only landed standing up with this suit. I must have curse or something.

The air is as dry as a paper here. I feel like I am in hell.

September 22, 2009

JFTC vol 2

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I am sick. I don’t know how I survived yesterday, but I did, even when it was only barely. This place is dusty and it seems like I have severe astmatic/allergic reaction to something. I have never had my throat so swollen up. I started my day yesterday almost feeling normal. I was only worried about my mildly stuffy nose, but by the end of the day I couldn’t even drink water any more. My throat was so swollen and painful (not sore like it gets when you have cold). I got a day off today and hope to feel better tomorrow. Tomorrow the real jumps are starting. Today is still a warm-up day. Frankly I am a bit worried about it all.

Jumps were good. We were flying non-contact 60-ways. Fun! OK, ok, it wasn’t all non-contact. Base was gripped, 2 stingers were gripped and first 2 ribs were gripped – so 16 in total were having grips while all other just flew their slots. I was really happy about my flying yesterday. Nice exits, nice dives and beautiful flying. Break-offs still need work thou. At least in our tracking team. We are really uneven and that makes it a bit hard. My landings have been great except for the fact that I have no air to breathe because of the dust. It is everywhere and it gets on my nerves. Air quality around here is poor, even awful.

I have heard a lot of compliments about my hair. Everywhere. I love my hair and I think it was a great idea that Jan managed to bring into life, but I never would have guessed it will be such a hit.

Around DZ americans have surprised me. Not even once have I heard that ignorant “so you are russian” when I tell people I come from Estonia. It has been truly refreshing.

Went to the shop on sunday. There is a small shop near the hotel. Guess what?! When I asked about fresh fruit – I was met with a glance announcing my stupidity really clearly. Yeah, I am in California and they don’t even have oranges in small shops.

September 20, 2009

JFTC vol 1

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I really hope that it will not be vol 1 and a last one. It is a possibility that I only manage to write vol 1 as I will be busy as hell starting from tomorrow.

I am here. JFTC 2009, Perris Valley Skydiving, California. Getting here was tiresome.

My trip took around 24 hours all together (trip back will even take more …). I started with a smile and arrived wretched. Embarrassing 1,5 hours at USA border with 4 “interviews”. This is probably the last time I am let into this country. I was hanging by a thread. I don’t know how I managed to talk them over to let me through, because they were really close to send me back.

I am flagged because of arutu. I have to explain the criminal actions of my ex to a total stranger. Flagged for life. As much as I don’t want to, I am starting to hate him. For real. I arrived wretched because it eats me up to deal with it so many years later and there is no solution. I can’t do anything to fix it. How many times do I have to prove that I am not a camel? I moved to another country to distance myself for pity’s sake! What else should I do?

America is America. California is hot. It is scary to see this country if it truly is the leading force in the world. Consumer driven wastefulness. It makes one want to scream in horror. There is a prejudice I don’t agree with. I wouldn’t say that America is a country of fat people. There are people in all sizes like in everywhere else. You can see some extreme cases, but you can see those also in other countries.

Made 4 jumps yesterday. One to get to know the DZ and my new Tony Suit jumpsuit. Yes, I have a new suit! It fits me perfectly. It goes hand in hand with my new rig colours and – above all it is light and comfortable. DZ is a … dusty desert with a small strip of grass landing area. My rig colours are totally wrong for this place. I am starting to get why people told me to get a dark rig based on “majority choice”. Of course people who jump in deserts etc prefer darker rigs because of the dust (same goes for Spain, Portugal and other dry areas). On my first jump I didn’t make it back to the green landing area. As soon as my feet touched the ground I had a cloud of dust all around me. Whoa! I will have some dusting to do when I get back from here.

Other 3 jumps were hop&pop canopy testing. I loved it! Seems like I have finally made up my mind and my main canopy will be Crossfire 2 by Icarus Canopies. I liked how it opens, I liked how it flies, I liked making 180 degree turn under my canopy with just shifting my weight, I loved the responsiveness of back risers and those front risers were light and easy, I loved the flare. Only problem with that choice is that Crossfire 2 109 doesn’t fit my rig the best. No problems to pack it into it, but it was hard to close the last flap that goes over pin. There is still some thinking and arguing to be done before I finalize my decision.

Today I took a day off. It is nightfall back at home and just a midday over here. My throat is sore. I seriously hate air conditioning. Damn! I always get cold when I encounter it.

September 17, 2009

another moment

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My moment of smile in every day for autumn: on my way home I ride past a field of sunflowers.

September 16, 2009

another realization

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Ladies gadgets actually cost more than men’s.

September 14, 2009

form over matter

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The week has started. No question about that. Yay! Day after another fighting for sanity. Aren’t those bureaucrats ashamed of themselves sometimes? Form over matter. How stupid is that? No, it doesn’t matter that the sent document certificates exactly what was asked and needed, because it lacks a “number” on it.

That reminds me the problem with Russians about round and square stamp. I almost got a penalty on the border of Russia because the stamp on the certification papers was round instead of square. Yes, the papers were right ones and certified what needed, but the unlucky stamp was a wrong geometric shape. I wrote a page long letter of explanation about it.

Alice in Wonderland is not written about a fantasy world …

September 13, 2009

not blond

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I am not blond any more :D Yesh! Went to my hairdresser while in Tallinn. A year and I had enough. That blond thing is not for me. I am back to my dark colourful styles.

I have to add that my hairdresser is the best! I can take whatever crazy idea to him and he just makes it work. The only thing that he has failed to talk me out of was making me perm, but he got out of doing it anyway as I slept in.

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