October 31, 2009


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We did it! It was totally worth flying over to Empuriabrava for 3 days only. Quick in and out and job well done.

Thursday, 29.10.2009 a new Finnish record of 63-way was flown over Empuriabrava.

* SE = Suomen ennätys = Finnish Record
** Photo Pekka Kurtz

UPDATE: I corrected the date. For some reason I was still in September. Time flies by too fast.

October 26, 2009

grey or colourful

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That is what I would call grey! Right now, outside my window.

When pilleriin wrote about grey Autumn, I was totally confused what the hell she is talking about?! For me last few Autumns have been as colourful as can be. Everything from brown to bright yellow to crimson red. It took me few days to figure it out. It is the city! In Tallinn everything was grey for me too. Tallinn is pretty green city, but it is still a city. Helsinki is different. I wouldn’t call Helsinki even a city most of the time. It is an assembly of villages with fields and forest in-between. That makes the Autumn colourful here. My road to work takes me past fields and forests and water and parks. I look out of my kitchen every morning and I can’t see the grey of the sky because the view is blocked by bright yellow of the birch tree. I go running in a forest with golden leaves underneath my feet and the smell of the Autumn in my nose. That makes the feeling golden. In rain and in sunshine. Nature colours are dominant in the capital of Finland and stony grey has no rule.

But right now there is the sea behind my window. Low clouds, drizzling rain and sea, all of them the same colour – grey. Yes, that is what I would call grey.

UPDATE: Yep! Tallinn is grey, grey, grey. I feel totally depressed already. Sunny Spain! Here I come tomorrow late night. Pls welcome me with sun on wednesday?!

October 23, 2009

s**t and stink

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They say that when you have issues, then you have to deal with them. Why is that so? Why is it assumed that when you deal with your issues then you definitely get better? Who gives that guarantee?

Estonians have a saying about poking the shit because it may stink. I don’t think dealing with issues is the magic that will repair all the damage. It doesn’t make things disappear. I have always wondered about psychotherapists and their work. Do people ever getter well going to them? How can you cure someone like that? They still have the same life experiences as before sitting down on that sofa. In movies one goes to see the shrink and then they are fine. Like a magic pill. Or maybe there is a magic pill?

What if you face your issues and then find out that you actually are not capable of dealing with them? What then? Standing face to face with a huge problem suddenly and you lose your nerve. You can’t bail out, you let the bogeyman out of the closet and he has you by the throat.

I totally agree about acknowledging your shortcomings or problems or issues. That is something everyone should do. To know what* you are and why you react and act the way you do. That is the logical part of poking the shit.

*I know it is supposed to be who

October 22, 2009

soul time

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Autumn has matured. Misty veil has been pulled over the city and air stands still. Enchanted world where nothing is real.

TIme and life stands still.

I do things. I work. I run. I eat. I … am. I am here in every hour, minute and second. I am. On these golden days my soul is resting and I feel serene. I dream …

Those are the last days of beautiful Autumn. One storm and it is all gone. Trees robbed of all the colours. Dark and black. November.

October 16, 2009

happy b-day

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It is a wonderful morning outside and I have a birthday. I feel good. I feel happy. What else can a girl wish for?

Today my world is golden.

October 13, 2009

plain sad

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My thoughts have been so depressing that I don’t want to write. I try to keep them as far away from me as possible.

It hit me this morning. If my special somebody would disappear from my life, I would get over it. The thought of losing him doesn’t feel like the end of the world any more.

It is sad.

October 12, 2009

pink coat

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It is snowing! It is snowing!

I am ready for snow. I have a pink winter coat :)

I know it will melt in minutes, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

October 11, 2009


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This is how world records are made.

October 5, 2009

another morning

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Today is one of those mornings when everything is wrong. I feel wrong. I am ill-tempered and every little thing irritates me. I feel like the weather outside. Stormy and dark.

I have really feminine therapy planned for today. A long due shopping. Things I have needed for years already …

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