December 6, 2009

minu Eesti*

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We have had some moments of laugh and recognition with my special somebody when I keep translating some parts of Justin Petrone’s book “Minu Eesti“.

High cheekbones. My special somebody has paid so much attention to them and complimented me on them. I never notice peoples cheekbones. What is up with men? In that book they pay a lot of attention to them as well.

That funny moment about organizing stuff in the middle of the night before going to somewhere. We have had that! Exactly like that. My special somebody had never been to Estonia before. His first trip to Estonia. He was sound asleep and I was still organizing, packing, sorting 3 AM. He did stir from his sleep and I did answer the same.

Planning and lists. My special somebody always wonders how I can manage to plan so many things into only one day. It has to play out like a clockwork for it work. So don’t be late :P The way I get irritated when someone messes with my plans! Best thing about it is that I am the one who always tends to be late or show up on a last minute. How many times I have almost (but only almost!) missed the plane/train/bus/ferry? Can’t count.

Cold remedies. I understand an American not knowing how to cure a cold with socks of vodka and herbal tea, but a Finn? I had to call my mom and let her explain to my special somebody that it isn’t a joke, it is actually normal to have a small bottle of vodka in fridge for health emergencies and “vodkasocks” are totally normal treatment against high fever. Last time he had cold, he didn’t even try to argue – he was inhaling hot steam under a towel like a good boy. Brrh! I still don’t get those people who drug themselves free willingly so easily.

We have had some good laughs about that book. Seems like I am perfectly Estonian :) “My Estonia” is coming out in english now and I like it! No worries to figure out one Christmas present :)

Yet, that book also disturbed me. Too many connections. World is small, Estonia is smaller. I found pieces of my life in that book and things that brushed against my life. They got me thinking about things I rather forget.

* My Estonia

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