March 31, 2010

another realization

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It took me almost 30 years to understand that books are for using. Especially travel books.


You don’t have to rewrite it every time.

March 30, 2010

day of credits

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Today’s outcome:
I owe J. 5 EEK
E. owes me 5 EEK
I owe K. 10 EUR
I owe other E. unknown sum of money.

Balance is clearly into my disadvantage. Hmm, actually – no idea what the real balance is when you have to balance money and pleasure. They are just not on the same scale. Good wine is pleasure as it carries a promise of moments to come when you take time for yourself.

Otherwise I wanted to cry by the end of the day. How many times can I explain the same thing over and over again? I felt so powerless. I want to get it done and be over with, but … there is always a “but”. Next try in 4 weeks. I wish good spirits grant me better luck then.

Sunset over Tallinn. The evening shuttle leaves to Helsinki around sunset this time of year. The sea was calm and reflecting every colour and light there was. Yellow, pink, purple, blue, orange, red – just imagine a colour and I promise it was on palette. Reminder of what matters. Quiet moment when the day is done and over. No more rushing to get things to people and following a to-do list. Only trip home ahead. Reading, thinking, dreaming, planning, being. My moment in this day.

Ou, a remark. What is up with Estonia and cold floors? Grrh! Everywhere! I’m starting to really get annoyed by it. I can’t keep getting cold because every time I visit Estonia my feet get cold. Niuts. I don’t want to not feel well.

March 29, 2010

brighter side of life

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A friend was comforting me today finding positive things in my life.

“So, you had more sex than jumps in last months? All things concidered, that’s not bad either :)”

I was last jumping in October 2009.

March 26, 2010


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This is a story about padlock versus me.

I went out today and bought a padlock. I chose a combination one. It is nice if you don’t have to wonder all the time where the key is. One thing led to another and getting the lock out of plastic ended with me locking the new padlock on unknown combination. So much about the new lock. No use.

At first that would have been it. I already threw the lock into the bin. A bit later I was entertaining prof. with my daily failures and he got me to take the lock out of the bin. Getting courage from his words, that odds are I find the combination before getting through half of the possibilities, I set to work. Three digit code, 1000 possibilities to go.

Yes, I got the lock open. After 991 tries. The unknown code turned out to be 008. Normal person would have started from 000 and got to the code with 9 tries. Not me! I started from 999 and working down for some mystical reason. Yesh! It feels good to be me.

At least I made prof.’s day and few other people got good laugh out of it.

March 25, 2010

another morning

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Applying eye cream ended up with a lot of it on mirror. The tube just decided to pretend to be a fountain. Messy me. At least I didn’t drop it to the toilet pot again.

Daffodil’s fragrance was so strong that I had to move them out of my bedroom. Now they shall greet me with strong sense of spring in the living room.

Spring today.
Length Of Visible Light: 14h 04m.
Length of Day: 12h 39m. Tomorrow will be 5m 33s longer.

March 24, 2010

another spark

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clear analysis

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It hit me today. Sometimes words come and there it is. All the mess in one short sentence. Bull’s-eye.

He has what I can’t give him and that is what he chose.

March 22, 2010

another spark

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As impossible as it sounds … I managed to step on wrong train this morning. Instead of Oulu Pendolino I ended up boarding Jyväskylä IC from Pasila this morning.

On moments like this I hate my ability to mess everything up. Did I really need all that excitement this morning? There seems to be only 2 possibilities with me – I am arriving on very last minute or I manage to get lost.

All ended well anyhow. During those 5-10 minutes it took from Pasila to Tikkurila I felt my mistake (and I really mean “felt” instinctively), checked the situation and fixed it.

Yeah, life would be boring otherwise.

March 21, 2010

offer made simple

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Seems like I won’t have any trouble with my offer. Only one willing person. I get off easy!

Of course I try not to draw conclusions like “there is only one person, who is reading my blog”, but I am surprised about the lack of interest. Is the condition “they all have to organize a similar thing” really such a turnoff? Similar doesn’t mean you have to organize it in your blog. Be creative!

The offer is still on the table by the way.

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