June 30, 2010


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There is first for everything. I watched Moomins tonight :D Actually they are cute!

Otherwise the summer at its prime. I don’t have time to write. I do have too many thoughts, but every time I feel like writing – my computer is somewhere else. My Summers are scribbled bits and pieces in notepads and unfinished drafts at my blog.

June 29, 2010

another realization

label: and some things — CV @ 11:49 PM

Last one to admit of being the blond in blond jokes is the blond herself.

Whoa! I wish I had that naive view of the world. Or maybe I am the one not understanding my blond joke status?

June 28, 2010

another moment

label: and some things — CV @ 6:57 PM

I was glad I already parked my car. Otherwise I could have crashed it.

There was this guy walking on a sidewalk. Shirtless. Young. Tanned. Amazing body.

This is just criminal! Cute guys should not walk around like that!

June 25, 2010


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This year I decided to try out Finnish Midsummer. Main difference between Estonian and Finnish Midsummer is that Finnish Midsummer is always on Friday. Today it is :)

I have made 3 jumps (in the rain), went to sauna (used all the attributes like “vihta”) and now I am enjoying beer while waiting for the pig to roast (yes, we have a whole big rosted today). Feels good!

PS. Coming from the last jump – all the girls (there were 3 of us crazy enough to jump in this weather) were met by a naked man running to meet us with a cider :) What a life!

June 24, 2010

some AFF

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I have an ability to avoid cameras. Even when I try to get myself on video or photo I usually fail. Here are some rare occasions. Me, doing some AFF.

A month ago in Estonia.

Yesterday evening in Räyskälä. I managed to loose a student for 4 seconds :)

Yesterday was a good evening. Summer, skydiving …

June 23, 2010


label: and some things — CV @ 10:59 PM

I feel so alive!

… and happy :)

another question

label: and some things — CV @ 10:36 AM

How is it possible that men still fail to react correctly to a woman’s cry “I am so fat!”???

June 21, 2010

Gulf of Mexico

label: and some things — CV @ 9:03 PM

I cry every time I see the photos of what BP has done. I cant help it. They may try to put it to numbers and delude themselves with an idea of money patching things up, but … just look at the photos

summer officially

label: and some things — CV @ 5:31 PM

And now it is official. Summer has started. Yesh!

June 17, 2010

summer is here

label: and some things — CV @ 10:08 PM

Today, driving back from Hanko I was looking at the road in front of me and then it hit me. Summer has begun. Right now. Right here. It doesn’t matter that officially summer starts on monday. For me it started today. There is that summer glow now. Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, green fields and the glow – indescribable, but so real.

And the best part – there are 3 more months left of summer! Three more months of summer nights and evenings and warmth and rains and thunder and … summer. Yesh!

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