August 31, 2010


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So, August has ended and Fall is here. There is a big moon outside my window looking down at me. Luring. Hunting. Reminding.

I am quiet. At least I seem quiet. Reality is that I have too many thoughts. Thoughts that keep me up at night. Thoughts… Angry and sad and confused and disorienting and … Thoughts.

I am torn.

August 20, 2010

another moment

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Walking back from landing area at sunset was suddenly chilly. Summer is wrapping itself up.

August 17, 2010

drama queen

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That cheeky grin is priceless :)

another tip

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How to shut Vaike up?
Make her a real compliment and enjoy the silence. Comes handy when she is excitedly going on and on about something.

August 16, 2010


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1000 jumps.

I have taken off with an airplane 1000 times and didn’t come down with it. Instead I have jumped out of an airplane 1000 times. I have packed my canopy at least 1000 times (actually more). What a ride it has been!

When I had 1 jump, that number was impossible to comprehend. When I had 10 jumps, that number was impossible to comprehend. When I had 100 jumps, that number was impossible to comprehend. When I had 500 jumps, that number was hard to comprehend. When I got to 800 jumps, I suddenly started to believe that I will get to the number 1000. Now I am there and beyond.

1000 jumps. Whoa!

August 7, 2010


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My TOEFL test scores surprisingly came in already. I am more than happy and satisfied with my performance despite all the fever and other troubles. Score level is high :) (only few points below maximum).

August 5, 2010

July 2010

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This month has just flown by me. Happy times.

July started off with Pimp My Fly. A freefly boogie in Hanko, Finland. 6 days of nonstop skydiving. Blue skies, good company and a vacation! It was fun being a student again. So many deja vu’s :)
“Relax your hands!”
“Push your hips forward!”
“Keep your head straight!”
“Chin up!”
I totally understand why my students don’t listen to me. It is just so hard! I know what I am supposed to do, but it seems to be impossible to do it. Anyway, it was great to jump with coaches and learn the basics enough to be doing some 4-way sitflys later (yee yee, I saw another skydiver in the air!). Good organizing from the girls and I really had fun doing something totally new. Days filled with skydiving and evenings with a lot of beer. Best laughs were during those 20 minutes I spent in the fridge with mr. Lovemore. Don’t ask.

A week at work and it was time to go again. Second event of July was Parasummer in Pärnu, Estonia. I am a bit sad that I got to be there only for 4 days, but sometimes life makes its corrections. Anyway, those 4 days were great! There are a lot of things I’ve learned to appreciate while being away from Estonian skydiving scene. Club’s way to do things, together. We didn’t make a new Estonian bigway record that was on an agenda, but we made a new Estonian women’s record of 8-way and celebrated it off with a lingerie jump. A definite way to get a lot of publicity and press coverage.

There were moments:
Thunderstorm that turned the airfield into a ankle deep pool of water in a matter of minutes. I feel sorry for all those poor skydivers who happened to be in the air at that moment. It looked really scary on the video later. Even the plane couldn’t land because there was no visual. Huh! Ou, and I forgot to close my tent door that morning. Yes, we poured a swimming pool out of our tent.
Sad, sad skydiver who made the victorious run into the hangar and ripped his canopy to the front side of the hangar.
4 hours in could wind in lingerie. Yeah, I did get the summer flu from that.
A trackdive with my special somebody at sunset.
Tuuker can say what she wants about her dislike for hugs, but the reality is that after all those years she has learned to hug me back. Great success (as she would put it)!

21st we made our way back to Helsinki because there was Pink! concert that evening and I had tickets. Whoa! Impressive! What an energy, what a spark! Loved it.

As I mentioned already earlier – I managed to get summer flu. It is interesting. Every single time I have some exam or something similar ahead of me, something happens that makes it harder. Grrh. Murphy! So I took my TOEFL test in a feverish state. I have no idea what the result will be as I was a bit on a slow side :( Days after that are a blur. Summer’s heatwave had just hit Finland. Can you imagine being in fever in 30 degrees heat? I can tell you – it is not pleasant. Not at all.

I got back up on my feet by the end of the month. Last day of July was my special somebody’s birthday and we celebrated it with an awesome private party. Everything seemed to be right at that evening/night. Food, wine, weather, company, mood. I can’t remember ever having such a good time.

July 2010. My July 2010.

August 3, 2010

another moment

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On a rare occasion it happens … Thin layer of clouds that doesn’t prevent skydiving, but it blocks away sunlight from land effectively enough to make magic moments happen.


You sit in an airplane. Take off. Staring out of the window you let your mind wonder. Last load of the day flying over lakes, forests, roads, fields in a dim light that colours everything somehow sad and dark. 2200 m everything goes misty for a moment and then the world around you lights up. Sunshine above a white sheet of clouds. Magnificent! Your soul jumps with joy. Everlasting sunshine above clouds. Heart filled with happiness and fulfillment. You can still see through the clouds. Dark landscape below, but you are safely in a sea of light. Contrast.

This is skydiving for me.

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