June 29, 2011

another realization

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Nights in Estonia are darker than in Finland.

June 27, 2011

Midsummer in Pori

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This year’s Midsummer I spent in Pori. Surprise, surprise – skydiving :) Murphy and weather lords were merciful enough to get 9 jumps in.

Friday was haunted by bad luck (in my part at least) as every time a bigway tried to go up – something happened that put us on hold. We still managed to put a Satakunta county record in the sky – 23-way from a formation load. Saturday was rainy and few lightning storms swept by. Sunday was good for half a day and I made maximum use of it.

After two Midsummers in Finland I have to say that I find it boring. I like Estonian Midsummer celebrations a lot more. There is life in them and the bonfires are bigger and burn longer. It seems almost like Finns don’t care about the bonfire. Their traditions revolve around sauna and booze (don’t think that Estonians don’t drink – they do and not less than Finns) and swimming (and unfortunately drowning because of all that alcohol). I want singing and dancing and a chance to sit by the fire till the morning.

There were highlights, of course.

Saturday evening after sauna sky cleared for a bit. We took a small Cessna up to 1500m and had a wonderful hop&pop sunset skydive (as much as there is sunset in Finland’s midsummer). It has been too long since I enjoyed my canopy ride that much. Only 4 canopies in the sky and we opened at different altitudes, so the sky was all mine with no worries. Fog from the sea was creaping in at 100-200m altitude and the sun in red fire above it. No winds, no sounds. I let my wing fly and just enjoyed the views and feelings.

Those small Cessnas (C-182) are fun every now and then. Every one of them has a differet step configuration it seems. This Pori club’s Cessna had a big step and that meant that if you didn’t want to dive – you had to climb all the way to hang from the strut. Me and climbing and open plane doors are somehow non-working configuration. I am afraid. Simple as that. At moments like that I transform into really scared little girl. All the way to the altitude they kept making fun of me because of my anxiousness was written all over my face. It didn’t help that before that jump the strut and the accidents during the climb (if you slip and hit the step and all other things that can happen then) were the topic in sauna. Me and my vivid imagination! When I finally made it to the end of the strut and hung there I smiled the widest smile possible to my special somebody and let go.

Angle school was good. Big thanks to Maukka for finally introducing the theory behind the angle flight. That was really well spent lightning storm. I was screaming from the top of my lungs when he came and took a point at my leg during the angle dive. Also a big fear of mine – people in touching distance during freefly activities. I don’t trust myself to handle those high-speed situations yet (naturally I don’t trust other too, I am distrusting by nature), but the first point is taken and now I know how it looks and feels :)

… and there were bigways and formation loads. What else could a girl want from a Midsummer boogie? Love, kisses, hugs, laughs and good skydives. I will dwell on those things and forget everything else.

June 18, 2011

about rain … again

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I love rain. I can’t help it, even if it is insane, but I love it in every form it comes. Don’t get me wrong – neither do I like to be wet and cold, that is totally different matter. Loving rain doesn’t mean that I could stand in the rain for hours. No, no. I love rain for other reasons. The freshness it brings, the serenity it creates in my mind, the sound of it, the force of it … everything. It is my thing.

I love this balcony of mine because now, during the summer rains, I can actually sit on my balcony, inhale nice humid air and enjoy rain while staying dry and cozy.

June 17, 2011


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I am totally used to my lonely dwelling. Yes, my new job is as was the old – alone at the office. Doing my thing without anyone looking after me or telling me what to do (and before you think any envying thoughts think of how much character it takes to discipline yourself and give yourself tasks – nothing easy or worth of envy). There is little human contact in my days in general.

Since I moved to Finland my random encounters have reduced to nothing. Helsinki was way too big for those.

I was walking to lunch yesterday when I out of the blue bumped onto someone I know. In the middle of the street! It made me smile for hours. That warm feeling that actually I am not a total hermit at all. A human encounter in my universe of desolation.

June 12, 2011

another realization

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So now I know how racism feels like. Racism on the grounds of nationality. Till now I was only brushed by it. Lightly. From time to time. Today I got it in my face.

UPDATE: I have to praise Finnish police. I got excellent and professional treatment, when I went to report the yesterday’s happening to the police. I feel much calmer and safer now :)

another moment

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I have a wonderful balcony. Open, no glass, but still really well protected from weather so it is always nice to sit there. Like now.

Cold bath with salt and therapy oil for my tired legs. The thunder is thumping its way somewhere and the rain keeps falling straight down pretty hard. Still there is sun peeking through the trees. It is nice and mild and after all week of hot weather it is easy to breathe.

Summer sunday evening.

June 9, 2011

another moment

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The car was hot, hot, hot! All day in the sun and now it was heated up like decent sauna. I rolled down all the windows and started driving. I turned to highway, radio playing and my hair dancing in the wind.

Then it happened. A song started and it took me with it. Easy summer beat. Exactly the kind that brings sunshine in mind and makes you dance. You know those happy moments when everything is suddenly allright? That was it. I was dancing in my car with windows rolled down and wind messing my hair up.

Pure happy moment of summer.

June 6, 2011

spring fever

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Yeah. I got it.

Finland had semi-long weekend (thursday off and friday as working day, but I got it off – not from work, but from obligation to show up at the office). So I spent 4 days at Räyskälä DZ.

It was windy! Ou it was windy as hell. Students got to jump only on thursday evening last loads and on sunday. Even a lot of licensed jumpers decided to stay on ground. It wasn’t cold or at least that is how it felt for me … now I think that I thought wrong …

And then there was sauna in the evenings … How do you go to sauna and not go for a dip in the lake? I don’t know. So I had my sauna and I had my “swims” and now I have fever and sore throat.

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