July 21, 2011

another morning

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What could be better than those mornings on train to work? I can’t imagine. A book, music and 160 km/h rushing train. My soul purrs every morning on my way to work.

July 20, 2011

another spark

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I blocked whole Finland from reading* my blog at some time during Spring. Personal reasons. Now, we were sitting with this 4-way team I am “coaching” at the DZ few weeks back and suddenly one of the IT nerds (the team has 3 of them) suddenly offered to fix my blog. He went on and on about how easy it would be and how he misses reading it, before I could have a word in and explain that this situation is intentional and I fix it myself when it is OK again to do so.

* If you try to open my blog in Finland you get “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” message.

July 16, 2011


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What is up with this world? Or am I moving around in wrong places? Or am I snobbish and condemnatory? Probably the latter because, what other people do and how other people live their lives shouldn’t be a concern of mine. Still, I have noticed lately that such a strong presence of alcohol flusters me (lack of manners as well). Everybody seems to drink from dawn till dusk and from dusk till dawn. How is it possible to bring yourself up to drinking anything containing alcohol at 7:30AM? I don’t get it. Wherever you go, especially during the summer, everybody seems to have a drink in their hands. Not drinking is a taboo that you have to explain and fight for. No, my parents never taught me that drinking before evening is not suitable, I picked it up myself from somewhere (probably books) and it has taken strong roots in me. I always find early hours drinking (includes lunch) really abominable to look at.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against alcohol and parties. Nothing at all. I just don’t get it why one should drink with no reason what so ever in the morning or in the middle of the day. Even less I get someone who cries out that (s)he has to have a cider/beer! I mean not to have a party or get-together, but to have one bottle of alcohol containing drink or the world would end. How can one say out loud that (s)he can’t live without alcohol and not realize at that very moment that (s)he has a problem?

Yeah, I am on my way from Tallinn to Helsinki on a ferry on Saturday afternoon.

Maybe I didn’t notice before that people drink as much? Or is it the commonness of light alcohol (cider, breezers etc) lately that makes people think that this isn’t drinking and they are just appeasing their thirst? Are most of the people really walking around a bit tipsy so often?

UPDATE: Ou my God!!! I just found out that the general age that gives you the right to buy strong alcohol in EU is 18. OMG! An 18-year old girl/boy can walk into a store and buy as much vodka/whiskey/tequila as (s)he likes. There are only 4 countries in EU that have raised that limit to age 20 and there are 3 countries where 16-year-olds can buy spirits. I am shocked.

July 12, 2011


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So … today was this day again. I had to prove that I am not a camel. I don’t think I succeeded – it came as a bit of chock for me. Too unforseen.

Am I disturbed? Yes. Angry? Yes. Annoyed? Yes. Sad? Yes. Tired of it? Yes.

On a day like today I feel like giving up. Totally giving up on everything. Dropping my hands and stop trying to be/live/exist. There is no point. I can’t do it. I will always stay a camel no matter what.

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