September 23, 2011

meeting fall

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Autumn officially started this morning 09:04.

Fall is here! Fall is here!

Colours! Hot tea and sound of rain! Easy breathing! Chilly mornings! Peaceful, nostalgic, melancholic. Warm cozy plaid and a book! Soul time.
UPDATE: And fog!!! How did I forget that magical painting tool remaking all those familiar views you thought you think you know so well? Fog and misty rain!

I took a day off yesterday. I have worked so many extra hours this month, that even after day off yesterday, I still have hours left to take one more day off (and few hours on top of that). I really needed a day off. Away from internet, away from thoughts of work and away from my own home. I am overworked and stressed and I needed to clear my head. My special somebody had a seminar in Sastamala, so I joined him. He was inside all day listening to smart people talk and I was wondering around Karkku and Vammala the whole day meeting up with him late at night when I picked him up after sauna.

Whoa! Sastamala (Vammala and Karkku and Ellivuori to be exact) is beautiful. Hills and valleys and river (more like a lake) and fairy tale houses and churches. I got soaked by rain, I got ruffled by winds, I got cheered up by sunshine, I got energized by fresh air, I got dazed by breathtaking views, I got smarter by guided history tours – I got a real day off. Copacetic*!

* I hope this is it prof.?! You got your word now and I can go on with my blogging without frantically looking for a new usable and different word for you any more :) That “copacetic” should do it.

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  1. Beautiful post. And it kept me nodding.
    I LOVE autumn. For the same reasons, I guess. I like that everything calms down. I love that the hectic and mad midsummerlike time draws itself to a close. It’s good that way. I can just read without physical but-it’s-so-warm timebomb urging me to get out.
    And the colours! Can never get enough, never! And the crispy morning air, and the clear-clear blue sky. So blue suddenly because of the yellow and red downstairs.

    Impressed by mäemamma — September 23, 2011 @ 5:34 PM

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