November 22, 2011

another realization

label: haven — CV @ 5:32 PM

That is one hell of a black stripe.

November 18, 2011

November … again

label: haven — CV @ 3:15 PM

Despite all my efforts a November is turning into my dreaded November. Stuff keeps happening novemberishly*. I can totally see a pattern already – the November destroys all to dust for the December to quietly reassess so the January and new year could start anew.

At least I’ve learned something from those Novembers. Life goes on. Even when it seems impossible while you are going crazy in solitary cell or wonder about what is fact or what is fiction while expecting a child to be born – life goes on and there is always a solution to everything.

* :D invented a new word to describe my Novembers.

November 11, 2011

officially last

label: haven — CV @ 9:22 PM

Can you believe it? Last day at work! Already second time this year :) I have no obligation to show up at the office on Monday morning. I don’t have to wake up so early and I can sleep all day if I feel like it without feeling guilty at all. Wonderful!

11.11.11 – my last day at work for this year. Tomorrow will be a lighthouse and an island and my special somebody. Finally getting my birthday present and earned getaway. Total switch to complete the transition from workaholic to … LOL, I have no idea “what/who”.

… but I will miss those trainrides …

November 8, 2011

another realization

label: haven — CV @ 8:44 AM

I miss skydiving. I miss that best stress medication ever invented.

November 2, 2011

another realization

label: haven — CV @ 10:43 PM

It is impossible to comprehend that this baby of mine will be born into the world, where there are 7 billion people already. I feel guilty.

November 1, 2011

another spark

label: haven — CV @ 9:39 AM

… but I have Prof. I have his golden words and he keeps my head above the water. However bad things are, I have Prof. :)

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