December 19, 2011

annoyances of pregnancy

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Still waiting for the real thing to happen so I kill my time with all kind of things. Everything is tidy and in order and I even ironed the last load of stuff tonight. Now it is time to kill my time with writing I guess.

There are little (and not so little) annoyances during the pregnancy. Some of them came as a total surprise and others were expected.

First thing you notice is the discomfort of your pants. They still fit without a problem, but when you sit down you notice that it isn’t comfortable any more. You don’t have the luxury of having any pressure on you tummy any more. Choices are – stand more or change clothes. Later … don’t even dream about wearing pants! I am really, really happy that I own so many dresses and skirts. I don’t know what I would have done without those. I will probably wear more of my jeans and other trousers next year as I am sick and tired of my “limited” wardrobe this year. Still, dresses are lifesavers!

Worst part about the clothes was my freefly jumpsuit. Last time I managed to squeeze myself into it was at Midsummer. Blaah! Of course the clothes part was totally expected, but the fact that it affected me so soon on skydiving front was a sorrowful thing to accept. Luckily my FS-suit fitted me until I had to stop skydiving anyway. The last weeks were tight (oh so tight!), but still manageable.

Bras. I got lucky, because I have some bras that are a bit big on a cup size for me. My real size is total rarity (try to find 85A anywhere!). Now I just got rid of all the pads in them and I managed to go without buying any new bras until the end when I already geared up with nursing bras.

As soon as the news is out people start treating you like you are made of porcelain. Come on! I go according to how I feel and no one needs to tell me that I can’t bow, walk, work, skydive etc. Yes, I didn’t go inline skating this year because it is dangerous. Yes, I did skydive and this babygirl has around 100 skydives. I am totally happy with both decisions. I calculated the risks, I made conscious decisions where and what to do. There was no need to make such fuss about it all the time. I really got tired of defending myself. And those looks I got …

Being sick at the beginning. That was really tiring and I was exhausted most of the time. I think this part of pregnancy was the hardest to bear. All of those who have that sickness time easy are the lucky ones. Why do they call it morning sickness anyway? At least I was sick all through the day. I survived only on milk and oranges. Grocery shopping was a total nightmare – I really had to plan how to survive those. All the smells in the store made me sick as soon as I entered. How many times I made a dinner and didn’t eat it because I couldn’t suddenly bear the smell? I had to almost force-feed myself. Huhh. Don’t want to remember that time.

I was physically OK for a really long time. No back pains or anything. The first time I noticed, that “hmmm, girl you are pregnant!” was after I stopped skydiving and started to do other things on weekends to fill the void. It was after one 15 km hike when I suddenly felt that it had been too much. That was funny thing to notice. Like wtf? How can I be that tired and why the hell do my feet hurt? I should have known that it will get worse. It did. One wrong move and I was almost paralyzed for 5 days and couldn’t get up or walk. The physical annoyances kicked in after seventh month mostly.

Socks and shoes and manicure. Should I even mention that? Grrrhh. How do fat people do it? Seriously? It will be interesting thing to be able to do again – tying my shoe laces.

What has been a total surprise is that my fingers hurt like hell. It is really painful to make a fist. Try opening a water bottle or anything with screw lid! Or lift anything. Truly unexpected.

I actually thought that in some ways being pregnant is much more difficult and in some ways much more easier, than it is. I wonder how much and how fast will I forget? I also can’t remember right now how it felt not to be pregnant :)

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  1. valusate näppude pihta peaks magneesium aitama.

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  2. Kui ma topeltannust magneesiumi ei sööks, siis ma oleks siia pika tiraadi kirjutanud jalakrampidest, mis on täiesti võimatud :D

    Muuseas, sain Su kaardi kätte. Aitäh! See oli Sinust nii armas. MIna lollakas panin Sulle küll paki teele, aga unustasin kaardi sisse kirjutada. Ei saa minust ikka asja …

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