December 31, 2011


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This year my life changed forever and nothing will ever be the same.

New job, new dimensions, new place to live, new life, new directions, new … even me in some ways. I had to really reassess myself again to cope with all this year threw my way. I started this year at a low point – no job, no place to live, no direction, no desires. I built it up. I made plans, did everything to make them happen – only to drop it all and start over from the scratch. I built it up once more. Despite lacking the faith that it would work out as good as it finally did. I don’t think I am ready yet to summarize year 2011. This year was so different from all the other years in my life that I need some distance between me and this year.

Just some keywords that first come to mind: fear, intimacy, depression, tears, pain, joy, accomplishment, loss, loneliness, love, silence, disappointment and the foremost – Ayra. This year is my journey through myself to meet her just few days before the year was over. The unexpected gift from life that turned everything around. I am grateful to have had this year in my life because of Ayra.

* as in: involving or causing a complete or dramatic change

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