December 11, 2011

another morning

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I have mastered the art of making pancakes for only one person :)

PS. I see skydiving dreams. How come? Aren’t I supposed to see nightmares about giving birth or something? Anyway … it was a good skydive. Only a riser twist on left side to deal with :D

December 6, 2011

another morning

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SNOW!!! The snow has fallen! Everything is so bright and beautiful and …

I can’t help but smile and be happy :)

UPDATE: Perfect first snow day! Not too cold, not too warm. It is soft and white and peaceful and beautiful and … it is snow! I thoroughly enjoyed my walk today. Yippiii!

December 5, 2011

November 2011

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The November 2011 is over! Yesh! I don’t get it. How can one month in every year be worse than others? Seriously? I don’t greet Novembers with expectations of bad stuff coming my way. I always hope/believe that this November will break the stupid cycle, but … here we were again.

So November started off with a nightmare on the first day. Our office moved and I was supposed to work at the new office my last 2 weeks at work. Guess what!? The office wasn’t actually ready. So triple the stress of getting things done before maternity leave! A lot of things were left undone. I am still sorting them out …

Finally my leave started. I thought I will take few days of total rest and then sort the undone things into something that would give me a peace of mind. Did I managed to do that? Of course not! I fell ill. Seriously ill. At least I got a bit lucky with the timing – my mother was visiting me and she extended her stay to get me through the worst part of it. For 3 days I had no voice whatsoever, my throat and nose were so dry that I was coughing and sneezing blood and overall … lets say it was really bad. I was getting a little better when I managed to catch an eye infection to top it all off. It took me 2 weeks to get well enough to feel human again.

That (4 terrible weeks) should be enough for a month that lasts only for 4 weeks and 3 days. Shouldn’t it? Ou no, far from it. I was coming back from the health center and … rear-end collision. Someone’s attention was not on the traffic that day and she ended up crashing into me at intersection. I was OK, but I was left carless for 4 days.

I am not gonna even list all kind of “minor stuff”. November is over. I am feeling better, girl is annoyingly active, my car is fixed, the work is figuring itself out (too slow, but still), baby stuff has found its place (even the changing table is assembled). Still, this year’s November was unbelievable with all its misfortunes.

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