May 31, 2012

skydive! (possible)

label: lemons — CV @ 3:23 PM

Nananaanaaa :D I got my gear. I got my gear! I GOT MY GEAR!!! Please weathergods be good to me. Please! Pretty please? I finally got my gear in jumping condition. Please, I beg for jumpable weather this weekend.

May 24, 2012

family rant

label: haven — CV @ 10:30 AM

Sometimes I wonder – why the hell I am “blessed” with my siblings or family in general? I can handle all kind of stress, but that stress they are capable of producing out of sheer stupidity is a bit over the top for me. I hate my loyalty and EQ. Sometimes I wish I would be able just to turn my back on all of it, but I can’t – I am the one with training in legal matters.

Seriously? How can I be that different? Am I adopted or something? It can’t be that only having a different father makes such a difference. Does it? What about all those fancy studies about environment? We all grew up with exactly the same influences and in the same surroundings. I don’t get it.

May 23, 2012

another realization

label: haven — CV @ 6:31 PM

I have stirred all the spiders in this house into move with my packing mania.

Or maybe it is just spring …

May 22, 2012

another realization

label: haven — CV @ 8:48 PM

There is a downside to my restlessness. I am somewhat unreliable. It is not that I wouldn’t keep my word or something. I am really reliable when it comes to keeping my word. It is more about “you can’t count on me being around” and that makes planning really hard. I actually dislike that “non planning” state I am in most of the time. It is tiresome.

May 21, 2012

another spark

label: haven — CV @ 3:42 PM

I usually wash my reds with blacks. There has been no problem so far.

Now there is.

I have nice Suva socks black and pink now :D What was I thinking throwing black/white two-colour socks into a wash with red (and I knew this red curtain has a tendency to colour run)?

May 20, 2012

another realization

label: haven — CV @ 6:12 PM

… and the pieces fall finding their place.

Internet – discontinued.
Electricity – discontinued.
Post – on hold.
Insurance – sorted, my stuff is covered even while I adventure around.
Ayra’s check ups – handled.
Moving truck – coming tomorrow.

… and still so many things to pack (even thou I don’t own much). OK, coffee break is over.

another about Ayra

label: haven — CV @ 6:12 PM

For a week now the first corner of Ayra’s first tooth has been out. The wonderful time of teething! Ouch.

May 19, 2012

heading for another disaster

label: haven — CV @ 3:55 PM

Life has taught me to always prepare for the worst case scenario. I am glad I’ve learned this lesson, because more than once things have gone worse than bad. It is nice to be at least somewhat prepared.

I’ve also noticed that when you get over the fact that things will suck – good ideas will start flowing in. Accept the inevitable and let go of your wants and needs and comfort zone – life hands you broadened horizon.

Packing. Things – destination warehouse. Me and Ayra – destination unknown. I will be fine, as always, and it will just be another adventure to tell Ayra one day. Anything fun to do in Europe this summer? I’ve always wanted to see Budapest. I think I will just go and check it out.

Lets make lemonade!

May 16, 2012

another moment

label: haven — CV @ 11:10 PM

I was sitting by the lake (have I mentioned that I live near a lake :P) at the spot where boats are pulled to the shore.

A crow flew over. Landed on the one of the boats. Looked around. Hopped to the next boat. Looked around again. Hopped to the last boat in a row. Probably satisfied with the surroundings this time he hopped into a water – into a small shallow basin formed by the shoreline. There the crow had a good and long bathing session. Hopped out, had a good shake, arranged some feathers and decided that another bath was needed. Back to the water and the drying routine again with the same outcome. That crow had 4 baths like that and probably would have had more if some kids wouldn’t have been walking by too noisily.

I didn’t know that crows love water that much.

another about Ayra

label: haven — CV @ 10:58 PM

Ayra gave me a scare when we were in Tallinn last time.

I didn’t make it back for her feeding time one evening, so mom gave her Nan Infant Formula. I came home an hour later to a crying baby who couldn’t be soothed. I started changing her clothes for the night ones and then I noticed that her neck was totally red. Allergic rash all over her. Her ears and cheeks and other places started to turn red too. I panicked a bit (or maybe not at all and just felt sorry for a child who was in such a discomfort).

Ayra has gotten Tutteli before and everything has been fine. She even had some Nan when I was at BublĂ©’s concert, but then she only had like 10 ml and nothing happened.

I called sinisilm. She put a jacket over her pyjamas and drove over to my place with her knowledge of what to do and some medicine to help Ayra. Half an hour later everything was good again and I had my healthy pink child back.

I wonder almost all the time – how do I deserve friends like I have? I am the luckiest person on earth if I think about my friends. Every single one of them is a wonderful, wonderful marvel of a person. Who else puts on her shoes after 9 pm and leaves her husband to watch over her 3 kids to drove to my place to help me out? I may not deserve my friends, but I am thankful that they do exist and are who they are.

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