June 11, 2012


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The verdict is in, the court has spoken – I am worthless.

I won all the small battles. I won the essential war, but I didn’t gain anything from it and so it is actually a loss. Sounds incoherent, I know. My feelings are as unclear as it sounds.

It takes 5 years in Estonia to get first grounded verdict. County court, court of appeal, Supreme Court, county court again and court of appeal for second time. OK, Supreme Court’s, where I won the dispute in principle, ruling was also reasonable and grounded, but it took almost 4 years to get there. This country is sick. There is essentially something wrong with this world, but if you think about it – haven’t there always been something wrong with the world?

I don’t know if I take it Supreme Court one more time. I doubt they will grant me the leave to appeal for a second time. There seems to be ground for an appeal to try it, but I am so tired of it all. It has been a fight out of stubbornness and principle anyway – someone’s gotta do it, but I think that I am done. It wouldn’t give anything to Estonian case law any more anyway – they already adopted the new law (sometimes I wonder if it was partly because I was stepping on some toes).

Taking the difficult choice, accomplishing nothing. Yes, I feel like a total looser.

So if you ask why I don’t live in Estonia … No it isn’t better elsewhere, but at least anywhere else those, who make the rules, force them and make the mistakes, are strangers. It is easier to close my eyes and not to care. Also, I don’t know my rights that well in other places, so I won’t notice when they are violated.

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