July 30, 2012

another realization

label: haven — CV @ 12:13 PM

Recently my braids keep getting on a way during opening. More than once I have reached for raiser to turn and yanked my hair while turning. I should probably do something about it.

July 28, 2012


label: haven — CV @ 10:03 PM

So I am sitting here drinking beer after really hot day of skydiving and I feel out of place, out of balance, out of … (wanted to say hope at first, but I am never out of hope) … happiness. I am unbalanced.

I’ve always had hard time balancing my life, my desires, my possibilities, my hobbies, my time, my work … Now I have to factor in Ayra. It hasn’t come easily. Especially with work. So, I am unbalanced and a bit deeper in a mess than usually. No imaginary control, just a one step after another and no planning.

Who said I am a control freak? Control freaks can’t live like that. I am pretty sure of it.

July 25, 2012

another spark

label: haven — CV @ 11:31 PM

Doorbell (actually a really loud buzzer) at 10:30 PM. Wtf? I answer. Brother of mine wants to get in. I greet him grumpily at the door.
CV:”What are you thinking of? Why didn’t you call? Ayra is asleep! Was it really necessary to make so much noise? I understand that I have trained my baby so we can talk etc when she is a sleep, but that doesn’t mean that loud and sharp noises are welcomed!”
Him:”Sorry! But I called for you outside. You didn’t hear. I also threw stones against the window.”
CV:”Seriously!? Are you trying to tell me that you were yelling in front of the house?”
CV:”Where is your phone?”
Him:”In my back pocket. For some reason I didn’t cross my mind to use it.”

July 24, 2012

another about Ayra

label: haven — CV @ 10:48 PM

I already thought that she will not give me that pleasure of sleeping in cute positions. I am so glad to be wrong! Last week she has shown all kind of sleeping positions and I smile every time I glance into her crib.

July 13, 2012

another realization

label: lemons — CV @ 12:32 AM

I am constantly out of my comfort zone and that is a blessing in so many ways.

If I really think about it, then it is a good thing that my life is such a mess. I am constantly pushed to extend my world. OK, to be honest, I push myself and no one pushes me, but mostly it is that messy life of mine that gives that last nudge. Go, try, be, wander, discover – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If my life was easy, I wouldn’t go. I wouldn’t step out of my comfort zone so easily. Especially with Ayra. It would be hard to.

July 12, 2012

back and away again

label: lemons — CV @ 11:39 PM

Back from tour: Tallinn->Stockholm->Mainz->Wien->Budapest->Tallinn. Awesome!

Tomorrow Pärnu and Parasummer 2012 for 8 days. Then Finland and Pori Jazz. I have no idea when I have time to write and that is awesome!

I am in vacation mood. I forgot what day it is :)

July 1, 2012


label: lemons — CV @ 11:09 AM

Ticket – check.
Preliminary itinerary – check.
Packing – started (4 hours to accomplish … khmmm).
Mood – excited.

I figured out my trip till Mainz, Germany. I will deal with the other half there. I’ll be fine.

Europe – here I come! Finally I hit the road.

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