July 25, 2012

another spark

label: haven — CV @ 11:31 PM

Doorbell (actually a really loud buzzer) at 10:30 PM. Wtf? I answer. Brother of mine wants to get in. I greet him grumpily at the door.
CV:”What are you thinking of? Why didn’t you call? Ayra is asleep! Was it really necessary to make so much noise? I understand that I have trained my baby so we can talk etc when she is a sleep, but that doesn’t mean that loud and sharp noises are welcomed!”
Him:”Sorry! But I called for you outside. You didn’t hear. I also threw stones against the window.”
CV:”Seriously!? Are you trying to tell me that you were yelling in front of the house?”
CV:”Where is your phone?”
Him:”In my back pocket. For some reason I didn’t cross my mind to use it.”

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