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March 3, 2013

another (Sun)day

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I was a marvelous day today. Bright, sunny and with freshly fallen snow. A real Sunday indeed.

We started off with some pancakes. It was going fine until I put some jam on Ayra’s pancakes. After that she only ate jam. Children!

pühapäev pannkookidega

Then there was a lot of laughing – swing works like that on Ayra. Some usual playing and book reading and Ayra’s “good mood sleep”. After that we finally could get outside.

Sun was shining! -6C (or -8C or -10C who cares!), almost no wind and 15-20cm of snow that fell last night. Ayra was totally enjoying the sledge ride and occasional walking. She is so proud now that she can walk outside. One big smile all the time. I am happy too that she finally grew into at least some shoes and doesn’t have to be carried around any more. Two happy girls.

There was only one sting. It would have been a perfect day on a slope trying out my new snowboard. Sadly there was no chance for a babysitter today.

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