July 10, 2015

a soap and a bag

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I found this wonderful website with information about all kind of ingredients in cosmetics a while ago. Today, as I was taking a new piece of soap to sauna, I had the box in my hand and decided to check the ingredients list. I have been using Roger&Gallet soaps for years. I adore them. My sensitive skin adores them. I was really scared to check the ingredients, but the result was more than surprising to me. There was only 1 ingredient in the end of the list that was red, while most of the things were double green. Whoa! I like surprises like that. I am comfortable to recommend Roger&Gallet to anyone now. For years I used Sandalwood line, but they discontinued it. Now I am looking for a new favourite. Bois d’Orange was not for my taste. Today I opened Fleur d’Osmanthus and it smells wonderful.

It is nice to know, that my body does talk to me. I have never liked pharmacy lines like SebaMed or others so much even when they are considered good and harmless. They do not feel good. I checked their ingredients too – red, red, red. No wonder my skin does not like them. I have always had a feeling for products that are “wrong”.

On the other hand I also have a disappointment. I used to like Moleskine. Until I bought the myCloud Reporter Bag this spring. It broke in 2 months. I did send them a message, but there was no reply. I think I am going to switch brands and try my luck with Leuchtturm1917 next. I do not like things that cost like they are quality products, but do not last as such. Even more I do not like being ignored.

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  1. Yupii, you’re back :-)
    Leuchtturm rocks!

    Impressed by mäemamma — July 29, 2015 @ 11:22 AM

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