October 15, 2015


label: still here — CV @ 11:07 PM

Happy birthday to me!

I finished my to-do list just few minutes shy of midnight. I do have day off, even my must to-do list is empty for the day. I did take some things into my new temporary home today. Oh, how I wish in some future I would have a home. Just home not a temporary one, but for now, another temporary place should do.

Sadness. Not so new in my birthdays for past years. At least I am not angry or raged. That is good. There is no fear of getting older. I don’t mind. But I definitely do mind that I am still loose. I sometimes wish I had those problems – fear of getting old and similar – instead of the ones I have.

Sitting here with a sip of cognac and listening to ever so masterful Yo-Yo Ma.


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