November 2, 2015

another about Ayra

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It was bound to happen one day …

We were in a hurry to get out of the door to be on time for Ayra’s Monday activity. I kept hurrying Ayra to go and did not pay close attention to what she was saying. Especially after she ignored me forbidding her to go back in and grab a toy, what ended with a full coffee mug in the middle of the hall floor. Life with kids and usual stuff.

At one point I told her to get out of the door. She kept telling me that she doesn’t have her gloves yet (or at least this is what I heard) and I kept telling her that she doesn’t need them. It was +13C outside and I had just grabbed her gloves and tossed them in the bag. I almost pushed her out of the door.

We had made like 3 meters out of the door towards car when she said loud and clear:

“But Mom! I do not have my SHOES!”

FAIL! There she was, walking in her socks over gravel. In Autumn. FAIL!

Listen to your children. LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN! “Kingad” (shoes in Estonian) are not the same as “kindad” (gloves in Estonian).

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