February 9, 2016

no words

label: still here — CV @ 11:11 PM

There is so much to write about. I have written dozens of posts in my head, but the moment I sit down behind the computer, the words disappear. There are dozens of written posts on paper or in my phone, iPad or even computer, but … there is a wall there to publish anything. A fight about my writing once again and in my current state of mind … I just can’t take the additional stress.

And of course there are also “better” things to do. Like sorting, sorting, sorting and throwing things away and trying to figure out how to fit myself into this small apartment. I hate those boxes. The hard thing about it is, that I know I will move again. So it means packing and boxing again. All that in the light of unpacking boxes that where packed in May 2012.

Ou, and of course I and Ayra managed to catch the influenza that hit our County pretty hard. I am still recovering from it. My immune system is pretty down I guess with all that stress and heartbreak I am going through.

I am hurting.

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