March 7, 2016

another day

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Ayra’s favorite place at home is in front of her bookshelf. I picked her up today, played few rounds of snowball fight outside, but as soon as we got home, she placed herself in front of the bookshelf, picked a book and started reading. Don’t get me wrong, she does not read yet (4-year-old!), but she takes a book and recites it to herself. Page after page. She remembers all the stories so well :) It is interesting to listen how she recites an Estonian book in Finnish. The translation comes so seamlessly for her from Estonian to Finnish, but not the other way around. I love my 4-year-old. She is so full of life and stories and excitement and new skills and … Amazing era!

I managed to unpack some “messy” boxes. You know the boxes that hold the papers, documents, and other stuff classified as “home office”. I almost managed to find a new place to all of it and threw out like half of the box, but there is one bundle of things, that I haven’t been able to place yet. Grrr. Why can’t your old stuff never fit into your new home without alterations? The moving would be so much easier.

I should be studying for exams tomorrow and after tomorrow, but instead I try to find things to keep me busy. Otherwise my mind will play tricks and get lost in the endless vicious cycle of asking “Why?”. I know the answer and attitude to take – “Life is unfair, let it go!” – but it isn’t that simple. It never is.

PS. I think I am over my barrier of writing. I don’t think I care any more if he tries to tell me that I shouldn’t. Step forward?

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