April 5, 2016

just another

label: still here — CV @ 9:31 PM

I wish I had someone in my life. Rebound. Yet, at the same time I only want Him. Still. I hate myself and my stupid, stupid heart, but He bewitched me and I can’t even imagine wanting anyone else. I sometimes just look around with a question: Would I even feel the slightest attraction towards anyone?, but there is not even an inkling of appeal.

I am like a broken record. 7 years and still I have the same “song” on. I really hope that I can read one day those posts and assert, that it really passed, because everything does. But what if I become one of those crazy spinsters crying over the one that got away?

Be still my beating heart.

PS. And totally off topic. I learned today in school that I know and can explain the difference between socialism and communism. Just like that, without any “preparation”, on a sudden argument. I wonder what other knowledge my mind has stored away?

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