May 8, 2016

Mother’s Day 2016

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I had best Mother’s Day ever. I was genuinely happy today. Ayra is super!

I got my breakfast in bed. A sandwich and a glass of milk (an espresso machine is a bit too hard to use for her I think) and a Riisifrutti. She got up, got dressed and made it all by herself, my “ou-so-big-4-year-old”! The cards and hugs. She crawled up next to me so we both had breakfast in my bed. I have a happy picture to prove it :)

The best

The best surprise waited me when I finally went to kitchen to clean up the supposed catastrophe I imagined there would be. She had put EVERYTHING(!) back into fridge. So I stood there, in the tidy kitchen and made myself a coffee. OK, OK – there was a bit spilled milk to clean up, but I didn’t even notice it at first.

The day continued as perfect as it started. Awesome +22°C weather and a happy kid. We did so many things! From studying nature with the help of Youtube (butterflies and giraffes) to squatting next to anthill. In-between were pine cones, climbing big rocks, walks and ice-creams, swings and happy laughs and oh so many other things.

The best!

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