August 19, 2016


label: still here — CV @ 1:27 PM

So I did today something I thought I would never do. I snooped around. I wish I had done it long time ago! I’ve been punishing myself for not being able to do something, because I couldn’t get it together, that I didn’t try hard enough or … I really bought into His latest lies about how His new relationship started after the breakup. I am such an idiot! I felt it last summer, when it started, but I believed Him when He said, He has no one else. Bullshit! You don’t exchange half naked pictures with someone you don’t have anything going on with. I still don’t understand why men lie about things like that?

I’ve been torturing myself, because of His last birthday, that I messed up. I thought that it was the breaking point, why we never made it out of the fog. Today I learned, that He already had another by then. I knew He is the type, who never breaks up a previous relationship, without having a new one in place, but I wanted to believe He is telling the truth.

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