October 2, 2016

goodbye Jämi

label: still here — CV @ 7:17 PM

I feel like I ended an era today. Jämi. All the big things in my Finland life are somehow connected to Jämi, but today I said goodbye to the place. I do not think I am going back or maybe if I do, then … I don’t know. Right now I know that it feels like an end of an era, like I closed a chapter of my life and that is it. It doesn’t make me sad, I don’t miss the place. In many ways I am glad, because that place held too many memories.

It was a beautiful day today. Blue skies and calm. The sun was bright and the brightness was multiplied by all the autumn golden colours. I was manifested on a next load as soon as I arrived, eent up to 1600m, jumped out, enjoyed the panoramic views, had a nice canopy flight and landed. That’s it. That is all I drove there to do today. One jump and a proper goodbye.

Goodbye Jämi.

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