October 21, 2016

another about Ayra

label: supergirl — CV @ 1:29 PM

I am sad, annoyed, angry and all range of other feelings because I don’t have anyone to share Ayra’s moments. I felt the same, when she was a baby. No one else cared if she smiled for the first time or not. Just for a brief moment, it was different and I enjoyed immensely the gratifaction of sharing her progress with her father, but now I am back in isolation.

Ayra had another of her wonderful math solving moments. I beamed with pride, and the next moment I had tears in my eyes, because I wanted to share it with someone. I wonder how many moments like this I miss, when she is at her father’s?

Ou, and yesterday she asked me about Cindarella’s shue. Why it didn’t disappear at midnight like everything else? I know why, do you?

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