October 31, 2016

thermo mug

label: still here — CV @ 12:07 PM

I put my coffee mug on the hood of my car to unplug the car and it took a dive to the concrete floor. That’s it. The life of my favourite thermo mug came to an end. Instead of feeling upset or sad or any other negative feelings, that I usually would, I felt relieved. My favourite mug broke and I felt relief.

The next thought was – how appropriate! Today, from all the days, the mug He gave me, broke. I moved out from His place exactly a year ago. I still don’t have closure, I still haven’t got all my things from His place, my heart is still broken and a range of all kind of other things, but judging on the feeling of relief I felt this morning – my stance has changed, my mindset has shifted. Something is different. It felt like a symbolic sign, that today I will throw this thermo mug to trash.

It was a perfect thermo mug, by the way. Orange and light and it fit into my hand and into my car.

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