November 3, 2016


label: still here — CV @ 11:50 PM

I had a full range of emotions public meltdown today. I totally made a scene, but I do not feel embarrassed and I am not sorry. I almost put my fist through a wall and I do not feel like I have to apologise for it. The impact of the feeling of powerlessness was so fierce, that I had to let it out. I didn’t trap those feelings into me, to destroy me later, just because that is the reasonable or correct way to behave. I am beyond reason. I am only a human and I have emotions. I react. Isn’t that what a human being is supposed to do? React?

I think I am OK. I really am. Better because of it, not worse. I feel human and somehow liberated from this “super human” expectation. I allow myself to be human and I do not have to apologise for it.

He is a human too. Different kind than me.

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