November 7, 2016

the boxes and junk arrived

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So this is it. I got almost last of my stuff today. He forgot some things (actually the most important thing, the only thing that I need and want), but basically this is it. The car rolled into my driveway today with my stuff from His place and we are done. This relationship is finally really over. I actually do not care that we never talked or agreed on any of the stuff. I let it go. I don’t care. I don’t care about the things left behind. I also think, I got the closure. I don’t ask “Why?” any more. As He said, I was in a wrong place at a wrong time, just in the way. Because He was the reaction and reflection of me and my behaviour. So be it.

Everything in my life seems to start and end in November. My dreaded Novembers. This relationship with Him really started and also ended in November. So now we are done. In November.

There is a funny part to all of it as well. I have a TV now! Me, who is principally against TV’s. He brought the one, I bought for Him, over. I also have Ayra bibs (yes! BIBS!), and crib and other stuff along those lines. But I also have a tea mug :)

I am in sad mood tonight. Things end.

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