March 12, 2017

skydiving season is on

label: still here — CV @ 11:25 PM

I have never before opened my skydiving season so early in the year. March 11th.

I woke up in the morning: the sun was so bright, the sky was so blue and when I asked Shapeshifter “Should we go to the DZ?” the answer was a happy yell of “Yeeee!”; so it was decided – skydiving it is. Pori had discounted jumps and it is only 20min away form where I live. 2 hop & pops from 1000m. It doesn’t matter (at least for me) how many years I have jumped, the opening jumps of the season always bring on the adrenaline rush and the fear.

… and then you are in the air. Thoughts end and the existence kicks in. It all goes as you have practiced so many times – altimeter, arch-reach-pull, the canopy opens, altimeter, location … Freedom! Nothing else exists – you are present.

Then I landed and was greeted by my exited Shapeshifter, who seemed to be enjoying my jumping as much as I did.

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