July 31, 2017

Summer’17 so far

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So, what my summer is made off. Let me tell you.

Music, music, music! Smiles and hugs. People. Being busy.

Skydive Finland and Utti. Lassi & LP & Hanski. Skydiving and students. Teaching people to fly and loosing myself into the activity. Skydiving family. Sleeping in the tent. Sleeping in the hammock. Staying up till late and playing animal pyramid or cards or just plain talking and laughing. Drinking and parties (few crazy parties). Sauna. Big way skydiving (again, finally!).

Pori and Skydive Pori. Not wanting to go home. Good laughs and fun jumps. Feeling well.

Shapeshifter. Visits to Estonia and our relatives. Midsummer Estonian style. Strawberries and sweet peas. Hiking with my brave girl in Repovesi. Olhavavuori & Mustalammenvuori. Camping. Tykkimäki amusement park. Hugs and kisses and statements of love. Me and my girl – we get along now without fights. Boat ride at the sea. Ice-cream again & again & again.

Road. Countless hours on the road and in the car. Alone, with shapeshifter, with Lassi … Driving and wanting to stop the moments. Views and thoughts. Talks. Lifters.

Exercising. Walks and nordic walking and boxing and weight lifting. All of that, but a bit less than last year.

Being disappointed in certain people. I still manage to believe, what people say and then they fail to live up to their words. Dealing with it. Asking for help.

New experiences. Naked photoshoots. Dancing without fear. Being turned down buy a guy. Threesome kissing. Trusting my gut. Liking someone, but walking away. Being brave. Trying to be free.

Friends. Hot tub & sparkling. Talking till morning. Insightful talks with prof. I also finally made it to Tartu. Friends are the best.

There was a moment in the beginning of this Summer, when I realised that everything is probably at its worst. There was no point of worrying about anything any more. So I decided not to care. There is/was nothing to loose. I decided to live and I have lived this Summer. Third is still yet to go. I think I will get some more stuff done.

July 30, 2017

another moment

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Shorts and T-shirt, no helmet, sunglasses and serene mind. I exited at 1000m, alone on the jumprun. Hop & pop on the last load of the day.

Alone in the sky.

There are different sounds, when you jump without a helmet. The noise of the canopy is different, the rush of the wind past your ears, but when you hit the breaks – the silence is suddenly there.

At 700m I was sitting on deep breaks enjoying the silence and the view on the world. Low sun and the forests and the lakes. Beautiful end for this beautiful Sunday.

I landed and walked back to the hangar to pack with my soul reloaded. There are moments worth living for. I have to remember them.

July 26, 2017

no winning

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There is no winning. Just living, moving forward.

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