July 8, 2018

new home

label: under an oaktree — CV @ 1:00 PM

So here I sit, under an oakteee, in a garden swing having a coffee. A light blue house at the edge of Espoo. The first load is in a washer. It has been 3 weeks since I last had an opportunity to run the washing machine. Even now the machine is in the middle of the bathroom, so I have to climb over it to get to the shower. But I don’t mind … new home. I feel good here.

Shapeshifter’s room is pink, green, yellow and magneta as she requested. Her room is mostly ready with only one piece of furniture left to assemble. All the other rooms are in chaos.

I have a bedroom! A real room with a bed and a door. After resent years I appreciate the simple luxury of it. A room and a bed and a door.

There is a good vibe to this place. I fell in love with the enourmous oak the moment we first came to see the house.

So here I am – happy under an oaktree.

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